Every Monday night at 7:00pm P.S.T (10pm E.S.T.) on awesomeradio.net.

Internet Radio, it's the new best thing under the radar, as I can get away with almost anything on my show. Each Monday night I play a variety of tunes ranging from popular music to underground bands to the extremely weird, as well as some of my own music. Each show is guaranteed to be different from all others and will often showcase new music that I have recently discovered.

Technically speaking, it's an mp3 format shoutcast stream and can easily be listened to with WinAmp (www.winamp.com) or Windows MediaPlayer under Windows, iTunes will work for you on the Mac, and XMMS (http://www.xmms.org/) under Linux...

AwesomeRadio serves 3 streams, with increasing quality/bandwidth requirements. Here are the addresses to use:

Broadband or DSL: http://radio.awesomeradio.net:8000 and click on the Listen link.

Medium mono (24/22 mono): http://radio.awesomeradio.net:8004

Low mono (16/16 mono): http://radio.awesomeradio.net:8006

To listen, select one of the stream locations above based upon your connection speed. For my show I will be broadcasting a nice sounding stereo feed on the broadband stream, but if your internet connection can't handle that, please use one of the other ports.

Broadband and DSL Listeners:

If you use the Broadband or DSL stream location, you should be able to click on the link for it above, and the Shoutcast Administrator page will open in a new browser window. From here, you should be able to click on the Listen link and you associated player will automatically open with the player location already set.

Medium and Low mono Listeners:

If you are using the 24/22 mono or the 16/16 mono stream locations, then you will need to open your preferred player and paste the location in the player location (this will also work for the Broadband and DSL stream location). Here are some examples using WinAmp 2.91 and Windows Media Player 9.

WinAmp 2.91 users

Media Player 9 users

Press the ADD FILE button in the Playlist Window. Then press the ADD URL button. This will open a window where you can paste the stream location URL. Then hit play. Open your player and press CTRL-U. The Open URL window will display. Paste the stream location URL in this box and press OK. Then hit Play on your player.

You may need to rebuffer from time to time if the stream suddenly fails, especially if you are tuned and there is change of DJ. If this happens, just hit the play button again.

If you don't have a player, or for more detailed instructions, please click here.

AwesomeRadio also has an IRC chat room, for those so inclined. You can use a Java client from the website, or an OS native client, such as mIRC for Windows. The IRC network is irc.awesomechat.net, and the channel is #awesomeradio. I am usually chatting away in there during my shows.

Thanks, and enjoy the show!!! Also, check out Atomic Mobius Machine, an ongoing experiment in improvisational ambient sounds. We often play live on Awesome Radio, about once every other month.